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Large building with permanent brick stain

Brick Staining SERVICES

East Coast Brick Staining provides the best masonry staining services in North Carolina and offer drastic makeovers, subtle blends, and the ability to match and restore brick colors permanently with our unlimited color options and custom stain recipes for each job. Contact us today to get started on your project!

problem resolution

Before staining brick on a restaurant that doesn't match
Staining exterior brick on a restaurant
Stained brick on an exterior wall

We understand that sometimes bricks can have color discrepancies during the manufacturing process. We offer staining services to correct these issues both at the plant, or after the brick is installed on-site. Our experienced technicians use specialized techniques to match the brick to its intended color, ensuring the best possible results. Our staining process is proven, efficient and safe, making it the perfect solution for manufacturers who need to correct brick color issues quickly. With our high-quality staining products and services, you can ensure that the brick on your project is the perfect color. Contact us today to learn more about our masonry staining services.


Bricks that don't match on a brick building before brick staining
Staining bricks many colors to match existing wall
Stained brick using multiple colors

We understand that sometimes expansion on a building is necessary, but the original brick isn't available. That's why we offer brick staining for additions! Find a brick with a similar size and texture to the existing brick, and we can stain it to match. Alternatively, we can also color enhance the old brick to match the new addition. Our brick staining for additions is a great way to make sure your building looks seamless and cohesive.


How to change the color of brick
Staining a brick house black
Black brick stain on a home

East Coast Brick Staining is Raleigh's leading staining company specializes in transforming your home through masonry staining, offering a range of color options to match your personal style. From sleek black stains to whitewash stains and trendy grey stains, we can create a vibrant makeover with multiple colors or a unified look. Learn more about our recent projects and how we can help you make your house a home.


Brick staining for repairs
Staining bricks to match
Brown brick stain

Brick staining is a great way to repair damage to masonry surfaces, including powerwash damage, fire damage, acid damage, graffiti, or damage from car impacts. Staining can be used to repair the appearance of masonry surfaces, as well as to help protect the masonry from further damage. Staining is a cost-effective and fast-acting solution, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Professional masonry staining services can help ensure the job is done quickly and correctly, with long-lasting results.


Restoration project before brick staining
Staining bricks for a restoration project
Stained bricks to restore brick building

East Coast Brick Staining offers permanent brick staining for restoration projects. Our natural solution will not hurt the brick and is long-lasting and low maintenance. Our brick staining products are formulated to penetrate the brick without changing the texture, creating a natural look that can enhance the beauty of your brickwork. We use a special blend of pigments and dyes that are designed to resist fading and weathering to keep your brick looking new for years to come.

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